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My name is Wilbur Rush. I am a member of Mid Management, and Human Resources no longer considers me useful. I will be recycled and turned into enough power to light a one-bedroom apartment for less than fifteen minutes.

Look around your cubicle. Most office dwellers already experience the nightmare that will unfold in the pages that follow. You already dread a visit from Human Resources. Resign while you can!


Works In Progress

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Alongside a well-traveled road lurks a rundown hotel. The one you would never stay at. A place you often drive by but tend to forget it's there. On one side was a truck stop on the other an abandoned carnival with a few rides that, if you looked closely as you drove by, we're still in motion... If you cranked down a window on a drizzly fall day, you would faintly hear the laughter of children—the smell of popcorn.



Heath grew up Wyoming in a small-town like what you see in 80's films with the 10-speed bicycle being the primary form of transportation. His debut novel, Human Resources, was launched in 2020. He is currently working on a sci-fi novel; How the Moon was Split in Two as well as an interconnecting short horror story collection.

Heath has a degree in History from the University of Wyoming and holds an MBA from the University of Mary. He has a career as a full-time Data Scientist and writes while code is compiling. He currently spends free time with his wife and two daughters building Legos, hiking, gardening, and amateur astronomy. He lives in Wyoming with his wife Jillian and daughters.


In the Press

Dark observational humor of the modern workplace. This book is fast paced, engaging, and fun to read.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was something I could read in a few days and it kept me intrigued to see what will happen next. The metaphors Heath used added to book and the story.

Really liked learning more about the characters as the story developed. Enjoyed reading this!

Amazon Reader,
5 Star Review

Amazon Reader,
5 Star Review

Amazon Reader,

5 Star Review



"You can't have Utopia without Dystopia,"- Adam of Upper Management

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